MediaBridge Capital Advisors is a global, industry-focused investment bank and strategic advisory firm that guides companies on their growth, liquidity and strategic options.

Our consulting engagements are frequently focused on one of two objectives

Preparing for an exit strategy or a growth financing transaction

Optimizing strategic and operational execution to enhance value and business viability


MediaBridge provides a range of services designed to engage with a company as they move to achieve their specific goals.

extensive experience

With the experience gained over years of advising companies, particularly in the media technologies sector (Broadcast, Pro Audio, MI, Content Creation, and Pro AV), MediaBridge Capital Advisors can help you assess and improve your:

  • Strategic Vision
  • Financial Performance
  • Operational Effectiveness
  • Go Forward Plan
  • Enterprise Value


Engagements may be project-based or ongoing and will be estimated around the resources required. The result is typically one or more reports and a series of recommendations that reflect the analysis.

MediaBridge can also work closely with you to develop and implement these initiatives. Depending on the scope, client outcomes can include enhanced financial performance, strengthened corporate governance, improved internal and external communications, execution efficiency improvements and, if desired, a plan to increase readiness for further strategic steps.

Sample Engagements:

  • Financial analysis and recommendations
  • Strategic Planning/Transformation
  • Management and Team Building
  • Corporate Governance Review
  • Sales & Marketing Review
  • Product Strategy Review
  • Restructuring