MediaBridge Capital Advisors is a global, industry-focused investment bank and strategic advisory firm that guides companies on their growth, liquidity and exit strategies by way of mergers, acquisitions and capital investment.

While the end goal of our work is focused on an exit strategy or a growth financing transaction with a new investor, preparing for or maximizing the opportunity can often require a significant amount of preparatory work. This is work that most companies do not have adequate experience or resources to complete on their own. In many cases a company might need a range of services that ensures opportunity readiness, or even adjusts the business plan to become a more valuable and viable business. MediaBridge can provide a range of services designed to engage with a company as they move to achieve their goals.

With the experience gained over years of advising companies and completing transactions across a range of industries and technologies, MediaBridge Capital Advisors can help you assess your:

  • Readiness

  • Viability

  • Value

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

This level of engagement is generally project based and will be estimated around the resources and data/analysis required to complete the job. The result is typically a report and series of recommendations that reflect the researched areas. Clients will then have the confidence to move forwards in a process and withstand the rigor of due diligence while maintaining attractive valuation expectations. The client may also put a plan in place to address areas for improvement before initiating a strategic process.


Our goals are to help you:

  • Maximize your value as you work towards a strategic transaction

  • Offer services that are based on defined projects and/or services that are defined as on-going engagements.

  • Sample Project Engagements:

    • Financial due diligence

    • Evaluation of systems infrastructure

    • Product evaluation versus competition

    • Management / team evaluation

    • R&D Processes

    • Marketing evaluation.

  • Ongoing engagement (Strategy and Technology):

    • Sales & Marketing

    • Strategic Planning

    • Product Management / Roadmap

    • Personnel

    • Overall Team building

    • Restructuring

    • Business transformation